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North Island has been a proud distributor of both Interior and exterior doors, bringing years of experience and knowledge to both professional builder and the do-it-yourself homeowner. To the left and right are a few links of the door manufacturers that we distribute. Click on any of the links and peruse their galleries to see what meets your needs and style.

After viewing any of the links and have an idea as to the style and type of door you are looking for, please come to North Island and allow our dedicated and experienced staff assist you.



The most popular type of replacement window materials is vinyl. The most highly valued features of vinyl windows are their cost efficiency and durability. As vinyl is a good insulator, vinyl windows are energy efficient. Consequently, installing them will considerably reduce your energy costs. Vinyl windows can also reduce the noise that comes from the streets. One more advantage of vinyl windows is that they are the least expensive option on the market, which makes them cost effective for you from the moment you decide to buy them.

What is more, vinyl windows have low maintenance requirements. Unlike wood windows, they don’t need to be painted and can operate smoothly for many years. It is also true that vinyl windows can preserve their freshly installed look for decades. As the color of vinyl is integrated into its structure, it remains new and bright in all weathers.



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Architectural columns offer timeless appeal and versatility in use. We offer a range of structural architectural columns designed for use in load-bearing applications. Our architectural columns are exceptional when you want to define exterior spaces with stateliness and character. They are beautifully crafted, flexible in design to compliment many projects, and manufactured with unmatched durability in advanced materials, providing impact resistance, imperviousness to water damage, insects and weathering.



Door hardware provides security and privacy, but with today’s brands and technologies you don’t have to sacrifice style for safety. Create the overall impression of your home starting at the front door.

A multitude of styles and finishes are available for exterior door hardware as well as knobs and levers for the interior of the home.

Begin with door hardware for your front entrance; you generally want something substantial looking that will greet guests proudly to your home. Our selection of entrance handlesets is extensive and the options are limitless. If security is important but you’re looking for something a bit simpler at a lower price point we offer a fine selection of keyed door knobs and keyed door levers.

Continue the finish and style that you chose for the front door inside! Or choose a new style and finish per room. Whatever you choose to do you’ll be sure to find a large selection of interior door hardware to suit your needs. Passage knobs and passage levers are ideal for rooms that don’t necessarily need to be locked, such as closets or hallway doors.

Privacy knobs and privacy levers are used in rooms that require a simple lock such as a bathroom or master bedroom.

Don’t forget the hinges! We offer a large selection of hinges for indoor/outdoor use in styles and finishes to match your handlesets, levers and knobs.

Questions about door hardware? Our helpful sales consultants would be more than happy to examine your options and walk you through your door hardware purchase today!