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Trevor Meyer, principal and president of North Island Millworks. He brings over 20 years of construction knowledge to North Island. Before opening North Island, Trevor had a successful contracting business. Tired of receiving sub-standard assistance and materials when working on a clients project, he believed he could deliver the right assistance and above-standard materials to the industry, and North Island was born. It is through his dogged determination that North Island delivers on both the right assistance and product materials of a higher quality than was previously available. Contact Trevor by e-mail at:

Russell Parker Salesman Manager of North Island Millworks. One of the driving forces behind North Island’s success, he has acquired a following of devoted yet demanding clients that expect the best out of their suppliers. Russell does not disappoint them. His “A” list of clients, and their awe inspiring new construction and renovations, have created a buzz in today’s tight market. If you are looking for great products at a very reasonable price, contact Russell. He is sure not to disappoint. Russell brings forth 10 years of construction knowledge to your project. Etc…

Don the Dedicated Driver of North Island Millworks. After the purchase of your building materials from North Island, the Class-A service continues with the delivery by Don. Always affable and friendly, Don will make sure that your service is still as importance as was your initial purchase from Trevor or Russell. North Island always strives to satisfy its client base. Don is part of the quality assurance team to make sure you, as an important client, is satisfied.

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